We aim for continuous improvement in Occupational Safety and Environment issues by providing training opportunities to all our employees and ensuring their conscious participation in the system.

In our production phase, we are trying to take the necessary measures to protect natural resources, to minimize the amount of waste, to prevent soil, air and water pollution and to increase recycling.

We fully comply with the applicable national and international laws, statutes, regulations, regulations and the conditions of the organizations of which it is a member.

By following the technological developments in the field of Occupational Safety and Environment, we strive to use the safest and most environmentally compatible technology in all our activities, ensuring continuous improvement.

Believing that occupational and environmental accidents can be prevented, we are trying to reach the goal of 'zero work accident and occupational disease' by active participation of all employees and eliminating risks at the source.

Also; Since its establishment, Erfa Torna Makina Sanayi Ticaret Ltd.Şti acts very sensitively in the fields of social assistance, various educational scholarships and environment-culture and continues to invest in the future.